Cirquent Consulting

mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

"The protection of our know-how against theft, loss and industrial espionage through disk encryption was our prime aim."
Marcus Hofl, Infrastructure Consultant

Business Challenge

  • Cirquent‘s 11,750 consultants hold business-critical and highly valuable information on their laptops and mobile devices – which need to be secured against theft, loss, and espionage.
  • 94.3% of all Cirquent consultants work with Windows XP so they needed a solution which, unlike BitLocker, supported this platform.

Technology solution

  • After evaluating different solutions, they choose Sophos as it not only met all their requirements, but was also already being used successfully at one of Cirquent’s shareholders, the Japanese IT company NTT Data.

Business results

  • Within just eleven weeks, Cirquent had installed the encryption software on 1,250 computers on time.
  • On the whole, Cirquent is extremely satisfied with the installation process and the security solution itself.