lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Business challenge

  • AccuQuote was dissatisfied with their previous antivirus solution. It was difficult to manage and significantly impacted network performance.
  • IT Infrastructure Manager Frank Perrotta used Sophos at a previous company and had been very happy with the product and technical support.

Technology solution

  • Switching to Sophos led to immediate improvements in antivirus performance, thanks to the smaller download size and excellent visibility through the Enterprise Console.
  • AccuQuote is also benefiting from the additional technologies included in the Complete Security Suite, including laptop hard-drive encryption, web control and email encryption.

Business results

  • By deploying the Sophos suite, AccuQuote is saving thousands of dollars per year on renewals.
  • They are also making savings in terms of reduced IT administrative overheads as the Sophos solution is so easy to manage.
  • AccuQuote also benefit from the effectiveness of Sophos protection. As Frank Perrotta says "Sophos' support is outstanding, but we just don't need it much. We save money every time a user doesn't have to call our help desk, and every time we don't have to call Sophos.”