Sophos Email Appliance Earns High Marks from CRN Test Center

Sophos Press Release

Email appliance installation and set up compared to "a day at the beach"

Sophos Email Appliance earns high marks from CRN Test Center

BOSTON - April 14, 2010 - IT security and data protection firm Sophos today announced that CRN's Test Center conducted a standalone product review of the Sophos Email Appliance - part of the Sophos Email Security and Data Protection product line. The email appliance earned high regards and "Recommended" status from the reviewer for its straightforward installation experience, expedited threat detection to new malware threats, and simplified encryption and data leak prevention capabilities. The reviewer compared the installation and set up experience for the Sophos Email Appliance to "a day at the beach." From the easy set up, the test center noted that "Sophos impressed us from the start; a four-page setup guide simplifies the job for nontechnical staff, and installation instructions include cabling directions, default IP addresses and simplified rail illustrations for multiple rack types." The Sophos Email Appliance is the industry's first truly managed email appliance. Once the "device is set up and working, the reseller may never need to return - monitoring, malware disposition and other administrative and maintenance chores not offloaded to the customer can be taken care of remotely." The CRN Test Center found the Sophos Email Appliance to be "easily configured to scan outgoing messages for sensitive data such as credit card information and Social Security numbers. Messages found with this personal information can be stopped, flagged or automatically AES-encrypted, any of which can trigger sender, recipient and administrator messages accordingly."

The Sophos Email Appliance proactively protects business networks from fast-moving modern Web threats including malware, spyware, adware and phishing - guarding against evolving and zero-day threats with Sophos's unique real-time Behavioral Genotype ® malware engine. The appliance automatically detects and blocks anonymizing proxies, preventing users from bypassing filter controls, and filters encrypted HTTPS traffic. Outbound content controls and call-home detection capabilities prevent confidential information from leaving the organization and the "3 clicks to anywhere" Web-based managed console helps streamline administration tasks.

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Più di 100 milioni di utenti in 150 paesi si affidano a Sophos, considerandola la migliore protezione contro minacce complesse e perdita dei dati. Sophos si impegna a fornire soluzioni di protezione completa facili da distribuire, gestire e utilizzare, e che offrano il più basso costo totale di proprietà del settore. Sophos offre soluzioni all'avanguardia per cifratura, sicurezza degli endpoint, Web, e-mail, dispositivi mobili e della rete, grazie al supporto dei SophosLabs: la nostra rete mondiale di centri di prevenzione delle minacce.

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