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23 dic 2004

Network World selects Sophos PureMessage as a favorite among dozens of leading spam solutions

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Lynnfield, MA / Vancouver - Sophos, a global leader in policy-based network security software for viruses and spam, announced that Network World has selected Sophos PureMessage as a 'favorite' among the leading anti-spam software providers in the publication's recent "Spam in the Wild, The Sequel" review.

The product review compared anti-spam software products, managed services, and appliances from 35 different companies to determine which solutions were most effective at stopping spam and keeping legitimate email flowing. The test looked at four key areas: spam-oriented features, per-user features, anti-virus and policy-based filtering, and logging and management.

Looking closely at policy-based controls, "The clear king of email policy is Sophos PureMessage. Beautifully integrated with Sophos's virus-scanning tools, PureMessage lets you construct any policy you want. For example, if you want to completely drop some of your incoming virus-infected email but try to clean or quarantine others, you can do it. No other product comes close to this functionality."

Each product or service tested filtered more than 10,000 emails and was measured for accuracy of spam filtering technology and rate of false positives. Of the top products tested, Sophos PureMessage offered a .04% false positives rate, sharing the top spot with just one other vendor.

"The network security landscape is certainly far more complicated than ever before," said Steve Munford, president of Sophos Inc. "As a global provider of integrated security software to businesses, Sophos offers a unique combination of expertise and leading anti-virus, anti-spam and email policy solutions, allowing organizations to stay one step ahead of evolving and intensifying threats to network security."

Informazioni su Sophos

Più di 100 milioni di utenti in 150 paesi si affidano a Sophos, considerandola la migliore protezione contro minacce complesse e perdita di dati. Sophos si impegna a fornire soluzioni di sicurezza completa facili da distribuire, gestire e utilizzare, aventi i più bassi costi di proprietà del settore. Sophos offre soluzioni all'avanguardia per cifratura, sicurezza degli endpoint, Web, e-mail, dispositivi mobili e protezione della rete, grazie al supporto dei SophosLabs: la nostra rete mondiale di centri di prevenzione delle minacce.

Le sedi centrali di Sophos sono situate a Boston, USA, e ad Oxford, Regno Unito. Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili sul sito web