Home Use Policy

This extends section 15.5 of the Sophos License Agreement.

  • Complete Security Suite
  • Data Protection Suite
  • Web Protection Suite
  • Endpoint Protection Standard
  • Enduser Protection and Enduser Protection bundles
  • Endpoint Protection - Advanced
  • Endpoint Protection - Business
  • Endpoint Security and Control
  • Endpoint Security and Data Protection
  • Endpoint / Groupware Security and Control
  • Endpoint / Groupware Security and Data Protection
  • Enterprise Security and Control
  • Sophos Security and Data Protection
  • Endpoint Protection - Enterprise
  • Protection Suite - Advanced
  • Protection Suite - Enterprise

Where home-use is permitted, the Licensee’s employees are allowed to use the Licensed Product at home on a single workstation provided that the Licensee shall be responsible for support and the distribution of Upgrades and Updates of such licenses. The number of employees of the Licensee that may be allowed to use the Licensed Products at home must not exceed the number of User Licenses;