Bogus Wells Fargo email

Category: Scam Discovered On: 11 márc. 2004
Type: scamUpdated On: 08 jún. 2006


Some computer users have been receiving emails claiming to be from Wells Fargo, asking users to confirm their details by visiting a website and entering their confidential account information.

The link contained inside the emails may at first glance appear to be legitimate, but it is a scam to steal users' account details and potentially gain illegal access to accounts.

A typical version of the email follows:

Subject: Please verify your Wells Fargo account

Dear Wells Fargo valued customer!

Please read this important message about security. We are working very hard to protect our customers against fraud. Your account has been randomly chosen for verification. This is requested to us to verify that you are the real owner of this account. All you need to do is to click on the link below. You will see a verification page. Please complete all fields that you will see and submit the form. You will be redirected to Wells Fargo home page after verification. Please note that if you don't verify your ownership of account in 24 hours we will block it to protect your money. Thank you.

<URL removed>

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