SafeGuard Encryption

How to Buy

How to Buy

License Options

  • SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption

    Our SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption bundle includes SafeGuard Disk Encryption and SafeGuard File Encryption in a single convenient license. This is the ideal solution for customers who may be new to encryption, have a diverse mix of operating systems in use and/or who want to ensure their data is encrypted everywhere.

  • SafeGuard Disk Encryption

    SafeGuard Disk Encryption combines SafeGuard Native Device Encryption for BitLocker/FileVault 2 management with SafeGuard Device Encryption for Sophos full-disk encryption. This is the ideal solution for customers who wish to deploy full-disk encryption across all laptops and desktops in an organization, regardless of operating system.

  • SafeGuard File Encryption

    SafeGuard File Encryption provides file-level encryption for data on removable media, cloud storage and file shares. This is ideal for customers who want to ensure data is encrypted when leaving the enduser device.

Modules SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption SafeGuard Disk Encryption SafeGuard File Encryption 
Full-disk encryption Protect data stored on desktops and laptops. Transparent encryption of the whole drive including the OS
Manage BitLocker and FileVault 2 Manage all encryption technologies including BitLocker and FileVault 2 with one central console
Manage Opal 1/2 Protect data stored on desktops and laptops with self-encrypting drives
Removable media encryption Protect data on removable devices, such as USB sticks and optical media
Encryption for cloud Secure data that’s stored in the cloud, e.g. Dropbox or Egnyte
Encryption for file shares Protect files and folders on local or network shares
Key management Make sure only the right people have access to encrypted resources (including files, folders, emails)
Compliance reporting Demonstrate compliance with data security regulations

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