Case Study: Continental

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Continental Group banks on flexibility and centralized management of regional nodes: Sophos UTM guarantees a uniformly high level of security, availability and performance for Continental’s 144 Internet links worldwide Télécharger maintenant

“Thanks to the decentralized solution using Sophos UTM appliances we’ve not only improved performance, but also increased our flexibility and reduced our costs without compromizing security.”
Hans-Peter Schober, Head Networks & Communication

Sector: Automotive supplies
Location: Global
Environment: 90,000 users at more than 200 locations
Solution: Sophos UTM

Business Challenge

  • Previously, Continental staff used nodes on the various continents to access the Internet. This was both expensive and consumed a significant share of the bandwidth available for internal communications.

Technology solution

  • Using Sophos UTM they have been able to decentralize Internet access points worldwide.
  • Solution partner ENTIRETEC provides all of the high-security Internet access points as a managed service with Unified Threat Management.

Business results

  • The Continental Group now enjoys significantly better performance.
  • The decentralized approach has eliminated the structures and costs associated with a centralized one–instead technology is deployed and costs are incurred only where they are needed.
  • Thanks to the distributed Internet links Continental is now far more flexible when they need to expand locations

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Commentaires des clients

« Sophos nous a fait économiser du temps, des ressources et de l'argent »
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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