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Using Sophos Complete Security Suite,AccuQuote is strengthening its anti-malware protection, simplifying security management, improving data protection and web control—and saving thousands of dollars every year. Télécharger maintenant

"By purchasing Sophos Complete Security Suite, we gained access to many capabilities beyond [antivirus]—all for an average cost no greater than we were paying for [antivirus] alone."
Frank Perrotta, IT Infrastructure Manager

Fact file

Sector: Finance
Location: Illinois, United States
Employees: 180 employees
Solution: Complete Security Suite (Endpoint, Web, Mobile, Email and Encryption)

Business challenge

  • AccuQuote was dissatisfied with their previous antivirus solution. It was difficult to manage and significantly impacted network performance.
  • IT Infrastructure Manager Frank Perrotta used Sophos at a previous company and had been very happy with the product and technical support.

Technology solution

  • Switching to Sophos led to immediate improvements in antivirus performance, thanks to the smaller download size and excellent visibility through the Enterprise Console.
  • AccuQuote is also benefiting from the additional technologies included in the Complete Security Suite, including laptop hard-drive encryption, web control and email encryption.

Business results

  • By deploying the Sophos suite, AccuQuote is saving thousands of dollars per year on renewals.
  • They are also making savings in terms of reduced IT administrative overheads as the Sophos solution is so easy to manage.
  • AccuQuote also benefit from the effectiveness of Sophos protection. As Frank Perrotta says "Sophos' support is outstanding, but we just don't need it much. We save money every time a user doesn't have to call our help desk, and every time we don't have to call Sophos.”

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Commentaires clients

« Sophos nous a fait économiser du temps, des ressources et de l'argent .»
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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