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Certains utilisateurs ont contacté le support technique de Sophos à propos d'un soit disant virus "Westlife". Il semble que ces utilisateurs aient été alarmés par un courrier électronique distribués par des fans du groupe irlandais Westlife, associant leur adulation à un virus.

Bien entendu, ceci n'a aucun rapport avec les virus informatiques.

Le texte du courrier reçu est le suivant :

A virus is spreading in the whole world. The best scientifics are working on it, but they can't find any remedy!!! When you are contaminated, you still contaminated and can't be cure of it. The virus is called "The Westlifers Virus"? Why? Because it all began with 5 Irish lads named "Westlife"...

How can it be contaminated? Well, nobody really knows. But patients told us they listened to the songs first , then they saw 5 guys on telly and suddenly, they couldn't control themselves. There is only Westlife in their minds.

Is this virus really dangerous? Yes it is!! You can't be cured and you began to go crazy, really, really mad!! You do anything to get something, get everything exists on Westlife?

Here are some Westlife virus symptoms:

You think of Westlife everywhere, everyday.
You buy lots of magazines that has Westlife pics or interviews. It doesn't matter.. If there's only a small photo of them in the mag, you buy it anyway!
You want to meet them and try to do anything to manage it.
You record each interviews and shows where Westlife appear.
When Westlife come in your town, you follow them everywhere.
When Mark, Bryan, Kian, Nicky and Shane smiles you believe you're in heaven.
You don't need wallpapers in your bedroom, there's so many Westlife posters!
The wallpaper in your computer is a Westlife pic!
You want to get foreign CD, articles, tv appearances?
You listen to Westlife songs all the day!
You have more Westlife fans in your email book than other bands fans.
You put Feehily, Egan, Bryne, McFadden or Filan after your name.
When you are in the street, you see Kian's double everywhere.
In the tube, you look at the men carefully. Hey, maybe you'll find Nicky there!!
When you hear Mark you immediately turn your head. Unfortunately, he wasn't Mark Feehily but Mark your neighbor.
You write to magazines and ask them to help you meeting the lads. You vote for Westlife
When you get the pic with Bryan, you enlarge it and put it infront of your bed.
You think you will still be a fan forever and Westlife is the best.
At home, you spoke about Westlife so many times that your mother became a fan and now she knows everything about them. But your father always asks u to shut up because you have told him those things several times already.
You haven't got enough money to buy perfum + the latest smash hits (there is an extra interview with Kian on it!.) You chose Smash Hits.
Waouh!! There is a wonderful book on Westlife with gorgeous photos but it costs more than you could imagine.. anyway, how much it is, you will buy it!
You want to go to Sligo or Dublin. Will ya see Shane next to your hotel? Umm?
If you have 10 of those symptoms, you must call the doctor quickly because you are maybe a WESTLIFER MAD!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have more than 10, you are already contaminated, then people will call you a Westlife fan, a really true and faithful fan who will never abandon the lads, who will always support them!!!!

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