Dear YAHOO User

Catégorie: Chaîne de lettres Découvert le: 16 avr. 2003
Type: chainMis à jour le: 08 juin 2006


Cette chaîne de lettres est très similaire à la chaîne de lettres Canular Hotmail. Voici le texte utilisé :

Dear YAHOO User,

Because of the sudden rush of people signing up to YAHOO, it has come to our attention that we are vastly running out of resources. So, within a month's time,anyone who does not receive this email with the exact subject heading,will be deleted off our server. Please forward this email so that we know you are still using this account.


We want to find out which users are actually using their YAHOO accounts. So if you are using your account, please pass this e-mail to every YAHOO user that you can and IF YOU DO NOT PASS this letter to anyone we will delete your account.

YAHOO Admin. Dept.

Our YAHOO system is getting to crowded!! We need you to forward this to at least 20 people. I know this seems like a large number, but we need to find out who is really using their account. If you do not send this to at least 10 YAHOO members, we will delete your account. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Sincerely, Director of YAHOO Services

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