Bonsai kitten

Catégorie: Chaîne de lettres Découvert le: 07 juin 2002
Type: chainMis à jour le: 08 juin 2006
Alias: Bonzai


La chaîne de lettres suivante est distribuée sur Internet, protestant contre un site Web où il est suggéré que des chats soient maltraités. En fait, ce site Web est une blague (bien que certains puissent la trouver de mauvais goût).

Le texte de la chaîne de lettres est le suivant :

To anyone with love and respect for life: In New York there is a Japanese who sells bonsai-kittens". Sounds like fun huh? NOT! These animals are squeezed into a bottle. Their urine and feces are removed through probes.
They feed them with a kind of tube. They feed them chemicals to keep their bones soft and flexible so the kittens grow into the shape of the bottle. The animals will stay their as long as they live. They can't walk or move or wash themselves. Bonsai-kittens are becoming a fashion in New York and Asia.

See this horror at:

Please sign this email in protest against these tortures. If you receive an email with over 500 names, please send a copy to: From there this protest will be sent to USA and Mexican animal protection organizations.

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