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L'e-mail suivant a commencé à se propager dans les derniers jours de février 2003, signalant qu'Internet s'arreterait le lundi 3 mars 2003. Il est clair que l'e-mail n'est pas crédible : remarquez qu'aucun constructeur ou individu n'est nommé dans cette alerte.

Sophos recommande aux utilisateurs de supprimer cet e-mail s'ils le reçoivent et de ne pas le faire suivre à leurs amis et collègues.

Year 2003 Bug creates new panic as vulnerabilities exposed.

One of the largest manufacturers of networking equipment announced on Saturday 23rd February, that it has discovered a software bug that will cause internetworking equipment to shutdown or malfunction early next month. The event is triggered by the date 030303, and effects most switches and routers purchased between April 2000 and October 2002. The company denies that this problem was deliberately introduced as a result of sharp revenue decreases and profit warnings in early 2000.

At this early stage, experts warn that known date problems are likely to affect software applications over the next 50 years, with at least 25,000 known software applications needing modification at a total cost of over US$80 million dollars.

The real main concern right at the moment is however, just how much of the internet will be stopped on Monday 3rd, March. No one can predict how much and how long the outage could be for. Even the experts have disagreed on the time length, some saying 24 hours, others suggesting it could be until network administrators patch the firmware.

The companies lawyers issued a statement on their web site asking all users and administrators worldwide to backup their data prior to the 3rd March 2003. Since this date is only a few days away, what better way to spread this potential disaster than via email.

As one lawyer said in a media conference "If you receive the warning email, backup your data and then, go on, forward the email. It may be the last email. It may be the last email you send for quite a while."

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