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Virtual Endpoint Client does not encrypt and Sophos Enterprise Console reports error 0x00000066 / Error 2057
21 mars 2017

Assign POA (Power On Authentication) Group to unmanaged computers in the SafeGuard Policy Editor/SafeGuard Management Center
21 mars 2017

'The Configuration Package you're trying to install is older than the already installed package. The installation was cancelled. Error: 25555' although no old Client Configuration package is installed.
21 mars 2017

Windows versions with BitLocker
21 mars 2017

SafeGuard Enterprise Client fails to boot, Windows error: Recovery from "File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f" or File: Boot\BCD status 0xc0000098
21 mars 2017

How to exclude SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac from Time Machine backup
20 mars 2017

How to apply license file to SafeGuard Management Center
17 févr. 2017

Preparing a USB device to run SafeGuard WinPE recovery media
30 janv. 2017

SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: How to verify which EFI firmware is in use
28 déc. 2016

SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption: installation on imaged operating systems
24 oct. 2016

SafeGuard encrypted files cannot be deleted if logged-on user doesn´t have the required key in his keyring
18 oct. 2016

Sophos SafeGuard - Token and Smartcard Support in SafeGuard Enterprise /SafeGuard Easy 5.60.x / 6.00.x
18 oct. 2016

POST screen distorted after BIOS update
13 oct. 2016

Sophos licenses/Endpoint protection bundles and which components are included with each
06 oct. 2016

Do Sophos SafeGuard products have backdoors?
20 juin 2016

SafeGuard File Share: Best Practice Guide
21 mars 2016