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After upgrade to all outbound email is quarantined as "Spam_Engine_Failed"
18 janv. 2017

Corrupt or encrypted items quarantined by SAVDI when option set to disabled
13 janv. 2017

Web Categorization data broken on SFOS
09 janv. 2017

Advisory: High memory usage on UTM caused by named and ATP
09 janv. 2017

Advisory: Increasing number of SPAM reports on UTM ISSUE RESOLVED
09 janv. 2017

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.11.0 +. Successful Secondary update message still prefixed with 'update.failed' in messages/syslog following after unsuccessful Primary update
16 nov. 2016

Advisory: SFOS outage during user authentication
06 nov. 2016

Advisory: Winlogon.exe detected as Troj/FarFli-CT
08 sept. 2016

Advisory: Response to Vulnerability SF01V - Persistent Web Vulnerability
08 juin 2016

Updates failing on Linux Endpoint when updating from Linux/Unix based CID hosted on parent Linux machine on 9.11.x.
02 juin 2016

Advisory: Issues you may experience after updating to UTM 9.3 and workarounds
04 avr. 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus pour Linux 9.11.0 et 9.11.1. Mise à jour des packs binaires Talpa du 22 janvier 2016
29 janv. 2016

Advisory: Several vulnerabilities found in OpenSSL affecting Sophos products
20 janv. 2016

Advisory: Recommended steps for the Poodle vulnerability in SMTP Proxy on the Sophos UTM
18 sept. 2015

Advisory: OpenSSL Security Advisory [05 Jun 2014]
09 sept. 2015

SSL/TLS (FREAK) vulnerability: affected Sophos products and versions
26 août 2015

Mac OS X 10.11 Beta not supported by SAV for OS X
10 juil. 2015

Advisory: What to do if log files are not visible in WebAdmin after updating to Sophos UTM 9.210
10 avr. 2015

Advisory: Workaround for RED issues (Bug ID 34563 and 34558) in Sophos UTM v9.308
27 févr. 2015

Advisory: Vulnerability NTP CVE-2014-9293 CVE-2014-9294 CVE-2014-9295 CVE-2014-9296
28 déc. 2014