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Présentation générale de Sophos Messenger
12 avr. 2017

0000006d 'Restart needed for updates to take effect'
23 mars 2017

The version of SCC/SEC you are running is retired and no longer supported.
27 janv. 2017

Client firewall default configuration
01 déc. 2016

During installation of Sophos Anti-Virus, error is displayed - 80070520 Could not start installation program on the computer
01 déc. 2016

SAV Unix v4 only. Setting up a cron job in UNIX-type operating systems
17 nov. 2016

Summary of port configurations in Sophos applications
02 nov. 2016

Sophos licenses/Endpoint protection bundles and which components are included with each
06 oct. 2016

Differs from policy - Anti-Virus and HIPS policy
05 août 2016

ERROR: Could not find a source for updated packages [0x00000071]
17 mars 2016

Sophos Anti-Virus CustomActions log shows 'Error opening Windows key'
10 nov. 2015

Error message "0000006b Download of rms failed from server"
09 sept. 2015

Installation of Sophos AutoUpdate failed. Error 00000008
04 sept. 2015

80040406 Delivery failed for software subscription. Access to the source update location is denied or the location is otherwise unavailable.
20 août 2015

Running Sophos Small Business products on Windows 8
02 juin 2015

How to upgrade Sophos Control Center 4.x to Sophos Enterprise Console 5.x
02 juin 2015

Upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.2.x with an unsupported SQL Server Version
29 mai 2015

Création et utilisation d'un script de connexion
20 mai 2015

Error 0x0000004a when protecting an endpoint computer
02 avr. 2015

How to change the username and password for the updating policy
27 mars 2015

File exclusions for Windows
11 mars 2015

How to uninstall the Sophos Control Center
06 mars 2015

Differs from policy - Application Control policy
04 mars 2015

How to analyze verbose logging for 'Differs from policy' errors
04 mars 2015

How to migrate your Sophos Control Center to a new computer
02 févr. 2015

On-access driver error - Could not obtain an impersonation token. e03d000f or e03d02f0
30 janv. 2015

How to Move the Sophos Database to a Different Drive on the Same Computer
30 janv. 2015

How to tell which Sophos license type you have from the central console
14 oct. 2014

Enterprise Console: 'Comparison failure' Alert within Policy Compliance.
08 oct. 2014

0000006e Updating failed because no update source has been specified
29 sept. 2014

SbeConsole.exe - Unable to Locate Component
19 sept. 2014

Basic DOS commands.
11 sept. 2014

Enabling File and Printer Sharing with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
03 sept. 2014

How to disable detection for virus protection in the Windows Security Center in Windows XP
07 août 2014

How to reserve a port for Sophos Update Manager on a Windows Server
13 mai 2014

Enterprise Console: a0200006 error displayed during or after on-demand scans
09 mai 2014

Administrative rights on Windows computers
08 mai 2014

Failed to run script 'RunAllScripts2Imp' while installing Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center
06 mai 2014

0x00000070 ERROR_DISK_FULL is reported in the Enterprise Console
24 févr. 2014

Enterprise Console: 8007046a Could not start installation program
14 janv. 2014

80040407 Delivery failed for software subscription .... Proxy is denying access or is otherwise unavailable.
09 janv. 2014

Error: 'Failed to install [...]; Setup has timed out'
09 janv. 2014

Deployment fails with error code 800705b3
20 déc. 2013

Enterprise Console/Control Center not updated since 27th November
20 déc. 2013

80040410 Data read from the update source for software subscription ... was invalid
25 nov. 2013

Considerations for upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.1 from Control Center 4.x when on an unsupported operating system
23 nov. 2013

Enterprise Console displays message 'Awaiting Policy from Console' or 'Awaiting Response from Client'
05 nov. 2013

Troubleshooting errors 0000002b and 0000003b shown when deploying software from the console
04 nov. 2013

Error 0000002b The installation credentials you entered are either incorrect or do not give administrator access
01 août 2013

Console install failure: 'This setup requires Administrator privileges.'
26 juil. 2013

Protecting endpoints from your Sophos Console appears to do nothing when using an HTTP based primary update location
25 mars 2013

Sophos Control Centre: Error a0050013 - cannot access CSIDL appdata folder, reason unspecified error
27 févr. 2013

00000046 Sophos Client Firewall ne peut pas être installé sur ce système d'exploitation ou ce type de processeurs
21 janv. 2013

Exécution du Sophos Control Center sous Windows Server 2012
16 janv. 2013

Deploying endpoint software to Windows 2000 clients returns the error 0000002b to the console
10 déc. 2012

80040409 Une vérification révèle que les données écrites dans [chemin] à cause de l'abonnement logiciels ... sont incorrectes
20 nov. 2012

An instance with the same name is already installed on this computer. To proceed with SQL Server Setup, provide a unique instance name
23 févr. 2012

Utilisation sécurisée des noms utilisateur et des mots de passe
02 févr. 2012

Checking user rights in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
05 nov. 2011

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+: installation of an IDE update fails
17 janv. 2011