ConnectionWrite (send()) error on VMWare when console is left open

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When running Enterprise Console on VMWare, if you leave the console open for some time, you may see one of the following errors:

  • information: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (send()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.
    error code: 0x80004005
    type: Generic (System)
    message: Unspecified error
  • error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (send()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.
    error: 0x829D0003 (Unknown error)
    facility: Unknown
    source: struct ISMT_DataServices
    description: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (send()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.

First seen in
Enterprise Console, version 4.0

What To Do

As described in the following article by Microsoft, this error is generated by the Sync-Flood-Attack protection feature in SQL Server:

  1. Browse to the following registry key. Ensure that you read the warning about editing the registry before continuing:
  2. Set the SynAttackProtect entry to a DWORD value of 00000000.
  3. Restart the computer that is running SQL Server.

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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