Error 'The RPC server is unavailable.' and ' 0x800706BA' when opening the console

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A remote console fails to open and in the 'Advanced' section you see the following error:

The RPC server is unavailable.
----- [outer exception] -----
-- error: 0x800706BA
-- facility: Win32

at void __thiscall bl::CReusingManagementServiceClientBroker::CreateCoreServices(void)
at __thiscall bl::CReusingManagementServiceClientBroker::CReusingManagementServiceClientBroker(const class bl::CReusingManagementServiceClientBroker &)
at void __thiscall bl::CServerBrokerRegistrar::SetBroker(const class bl::CServerBrokerBase &) throw(...)
at int __cdecl Run(int,class bl::CommandLine,enum bl::ConsoleType::Type)
at int __stdcall wWinMain(struct HINSTANCE__ *,struct HINSTANCE__ *,wchar_t *,int)

First seen in
Enterprise Console 4.5.0


A firewall is blocking the connection.

What To Do

You need to allow remote consoles to connect to the main server.

For more information on allowing remote consoles to connect through firewalls see article 49028.

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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