Enterprise Console: management server cannot connect to remote database on SQL Server Express

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An Enterprise Console management server cannot connect to a remote database installed on a SQL Server Express instance. This is because by default, SQL Server Express does not allow remote connections.

When you reboot after installing, the Event log shows that the management service could not start. Any attempt to open Enterprise Console fails.

First seen in
Sophos Control Center
Enterprise Console


SQL Server is not configured by default to receive remote connections.

What to do

After installation, you can enable the remote connection by going into the SQL Configuration Manager, and enabling TCP/IP for that SQL Server Express instance.

Do as follows :

  1. On the computer running SQL Server Express, run the Setup.exe program for Enterprise Console.
  2. Select custom installation.
  3. Select for only the database to be installed on the computer.
  4. On the next page, select the 'SQLEXPRESS' instance from the dropdown list, rather than create new instance.
  5. Complete the installation.
  6. Go into SQL Configuration Manager.
  7. Enable TCP/IP for your SQL Server Express instance.
  8. On an another computer, install the remaining Enterprise Console components.
  9. Select the database computer as 'SQLEXPRESS'.
  10. Select your domain name and administrator name/password.
  11. Complete the installation.

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