Required steps to register a Windows Phone 8 device via the Self Service Portal

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This article lists the steps you have to do after the update of Sophos Mobile Control in order to be able to register Windows Phone 8 phones via the Self Service Portal.

Before you begin

In order to register Windows Phone 8 device via the Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal (SSP), the following things must be fulfilled:

  1. A Windows Phone 8 Profile exists.
  2. Windows Phone 8 is activated in the SSP group settings in order to allow users register Windows Phone 8 devices. Also, an initial package must be defined in the Group settings.
  3. The Windows Phone client settings are configured according to your needs.
  4. Users who will register a Windows Phone 8 device have a valid email address and have access to it.

If this points are met then following the steps below to register a Windows Phone device.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

What To Do

  1. Login to the Sophos Mobile Control SSP using working credentials.
  2. Select 'Register new device'.
  3. Read and accept the Company Policy if configured.
  4. Choose 'Windows Phone 8' and press 'Next'.
  5. Enter a device description and an email address you have access to.
    A page is displayed containing steps and login information to process the registration.
  6. On the Windows Phone 8 device, open 'Settings' | 'company apps' and click 'add account'.
  7. Enter the email address and the password as displayed in the upper section of the SSP page. Press 'sign in'.
  8. Afterwards, an additional page is displayed where you have to specify Username, Domain and Server. Use the information displayed in the lower part of the SSP page. Press 'sign in' after specifying the credentials.
    A confirmation page is displayed saying the account was added. Keep the marked checkbox and press 'done'.
    In the Self Service Portal, the status will change displaying a post installation message if configured.
  9. The Mobile Control Hub must be activated using the task 'Activate Sophos Mobile Control app'.
  10. An email is sent out to the address configured for the device. Follow the instructions in the email.
    If you can't click on the link on the device, open the Mobile Control application and use the credentials as specified in the mail.
  11. Click 'Connect' and the app tries to synchronize with the server for the first time. This will download the profile(s) as configured in our SSP group settings.
    After download the profiles will take effect and the registration process is finished.

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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