Wireless Hotspot in UTM v9: use and configuration

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Hotspot on the UTM

With the feature Hotspot you have the possibility for example cafés or hotels to provide time- and traffic-restricted Internet access to guests.

The UTM currently offers three different types of Hotspots:

  • Password of the Day: A new password will be created automatically once a day. The password will be available for the allowed users on the Hotspots tab in the User Portal, or can be configured to be automatically emailed to administrators.
  • Voucher: With this hotspot type, in the User Portal, one-time tokens with different properties can be generated, printed, and provided to customers. After entering the code, the customers can then directly access the Internet.
  • Terms of Use Acceptance: Customers can access the Internet after accepting the Terms of Use.
  • (Since version UTM 9.2) Backend Authentication: With this new feature you can use the users defined on your UTM to provide the rights to use the Hotspot.

What To Do

Where to configure: WebAdmin

Before you can configure the Hotspot on your UTM you have to enable the related feature.

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  1. Enable the feature by either clicking on the enable button or clicking the toggle switch.
  2. Add the users which should be allowed to use your Hotspot.
    You can choose between your users and user groups you have already defined or you can create a new user. 
  3. Click on 'Apply' to save your changes. 

After the feature has been enabled you can configure your desired Hotspot.

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  1. Click on 'Add Hotspot'.
  2. Enter the name of the Hotspot.
  3. Choose an 'Interface' which is used for the Hotspot.
  4. Now choose one of the 'Hotspot types' described above.
    Note: If you select 'Backend Authentication', a new entry field for OTP token appears on the login form if Hotspot is configured as an OTP facility.
  5. Set the 'Password creation time' (only with Hotspot type 'Password of the day').
  6. Add an email address to which the password should be send (only with Hotspot type 'Password of the day').
  7. Enter the number of devices which are allowed to log in with one voucher during its lifetime in the 'Devices per voucher' area (only with Hotspot type 'Voucher'). It is not recommended to use the 'unlimited' entry.
  8. With Hotspot type 'Backend Authentication' select or add the users or user groups that should be able to access the Hotspot via 'Backend Authentication'.
  9. With Hotspot type 'Terms of Use Acceptance' select when the 'Session expires'.
  10. (Not with Hotspot type 'Terms of Use Acceptance') Activate 'Users have to accept terms of use' if you want the Hotspot users to accept your terms of use before accessing the Internet. If you tick it you can enter the terms of use in the field below.
  11. (Optional) If you want redirect the user to a specific URL(e.g. your company webpage) you can tick 'Redirect to URL after login' and enter the URL.
  12. The Hotspot page which is shown for the customer can be configured at 'Hotspot Customization'. You can choose between 'Full' (since version UTM 9.2) and 'Basic'. With 'Full' you can define the login page on your own. When you choose 'Basic' a Sophos template is used  where you can edit the logo, text and title.
  13. Click on 'Save' to add the Hotspot.

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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