Error a0010001 Displayed In Console

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The Sophos console displays the following error message:

A0010001 Patch assessment required Microsoft Windows Update version 7.2.6001.788 or later. You must restart the computer after installing Microsoft Windows Update to enable assessment.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.1.0

Operating Systems
Windows XP

Sophos patch assessment requires that Windows Update version 7.2.6 is installed on the endpoint. This version is included by default with Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines but will be required (if not already installed) on XP machines. 

What To Do

Update the version of the Windows Update Agent to version 7.2.6 (or above) on each endpoint that is reporting the error. This can be done in a number of ways: 

  • The update can be performed locally by browsing to and following the instructions. 
  • Alternatively, if you run a WSUS server on your network, initiate an update across the affected endpoints. 

Once the Windows Update Agent is running version 7.2.6 or above, this error will no longer be displayed.

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