Sophos wins VB100 award on Linux platform

Sophos Press Release

Virus Bulletin praises Sophos for reactive and proactive detection

It security and control firm Sophos today announced that Sophos Endpoint Security and Control has been awarded the accolade of VB100 in the February 2009 edition of Virus Bulletin magazine.

Sophos wins the VB100 award for its malware detection Sophos wins the VB100 award for its malware detection

The test was on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 platform and Sophos successfully detected all the in-the-wild viruses without false alarming - the 45th VB100 that Sophos has received.

Virus Bulletin has introduced a new testing format to its bi-monthly comparative reviews called RAP ("Reactive and Proactive") testing. The new method allows readers to get a better idea of the capabilities of security software, specifically how products perform against the most recent malware that has emerged around the world.

Virus Bulletin tested a number of different anti-virus products for their detection rates, lack of false alarms, and speed of scanning on Linux 5.2. Sophos successfully detected 100% of viruses in the wild viruses.

"The product installs simply and smoothly on this platform, which is a prime target as one of the leading Linux setups in use in enterprise. Scanning speeds were similarly pleasing, particularly with the default settings, and lag times were among the best on offer," wrote Virus Bulletin in its review.

All Sophos products use the same technology to protect against viruses, worms, spyware, Trojan horses and other malware, ensuring consistently high detection rates across all operating systems.

About the Virus Bulletin 100% award

The Virus Bulletin 100% awards recognise those products best able to detect viruses known to be 'in the wild'. Unlike some other similar-sounding schemes, Virus Bulletin uses the most up-to-date WildList in its tests. This means that products that are 'up with the game' are the ones most likely to be granted VB100 awards. More information about Virus Bulletin can be found on its website:

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