Sophos ES1000 is top email appliance for small to medium-sized businesses

Sophos Press Release

ES1000’s anti-spam and ease-of-use judged better than competitors

IT security and control firm Sophos today announced that the Sophos ES1000 email appliance ranked above its peers in a recent study of email appliances for organizations with up to 1,000 users. Independent testing lab eVision IT Labs reported that the Sophos ES1000 offered better anti-spam protection and ease-of-use in an environment replicating a real-life installation with live spam feeds, multiple user groups and various policy needs.

The report, Email Appliances for the Small/Medium-Sized Business Market, assessed popular SMB solutions from Sophos, IronPort and Clearswift. eVision IT Labs recognized the Sophos ES1000 as "changing the landscape of email appliances" while "offering IT Directors a persuasively innovative way to simplify their operations." The ES1000's automated maintenance, real-time support and remote monitoring functions earned high scores as these criteria were acknowledged as critical SMB capabilities. The ES1000 also ranked first with a 99.4 percent spam catch rate.

In contrast, the IronPort C150 appliance was found to be more difficult to manage than the Sophos ES1000. eVision IT Labs also noted that the IronPort C150 delivered unreliable spam protection coupled with features that were unnecessary for SMBs. Clearswift MIMEsweeper 2.6 was reportedly the hardest solution to deploy and manage on a daily basis.

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"Not as intuitive…Confirming settings and reviewing policies was more complicated than it needs to be."
Score: 7.6

"…not as elegant or as easy to use as the Sophos ES1000 … the poorest [anti-spam] of the three devices tested."
Score: 8.0

"The Sophos ES1000 provides the best combination of security, functionality, ease of use and price."
Score: 9.4

"Sophos acknowledges that today's complex IT environments demand simple, reliable security solutions - whether IT managers are overseeing enterprise or SMB networks," said Jeff Epstein, senior email security analyst for Sophos. "Our email appliances are unparalleled. The ES1000, for example, offers the right mix of configurable systems and automated management capabilities that enable IT managers to control one of the network's most mission-critical applications without wasting countless hours and dollars. In the end, managers have the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing that their email is safe and productive".

The three email appliances were evaluated for ease of installation and deployment, day-to-day management and performance, reporting and compliance, and price. eVision IT Labs chose those criteria assuming that IT managers value IT efficiency and high productivity rates in SMB environments where budget and time constraints are commonly experienced.

Learn more about the eVision's report "Email Appliances for the Small/Medium-Sized Business Market".

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