Sophos Endpoint Security and Control outperforms McAfee and Symantec in independent review

Sophos Press Release

Sophos's enterprise offering wins Cascadia Labs test

Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, today announced that Cascadia Labs, a recognized independent reviewer, found that Sophos's endpoint solution outperformed Symantec and McAfee in installation and deployment, usability and management, and effectiveness.

Cascadia Labs tested Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, which combines anti-virus and client firewall protection to secure desktops, laptops and file servers, against McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise and Symantec Client Security 3.1. The tests evaluated every aspect of running security software, covering installation and deployment, usability and management, effectiveness of signature- and behavior-based malware detection, and scanning performance.

The review identified Behavioral Genotype® Protection - which guards against viruses, spyware, adware and malicious code before they execute - as delivering better protection from new and unknown malware than the McAfee or Symantec offerings.

"For enterprises that value clarity and simplicity in design, Sophos is a clear choice as it consistently beat McAfee and Symantec on ease-of-use for the important day-to-day management tasks, without sacrificing any key functionality," reported Cascadia Labs.

Cascadia Labs looked at solutions from McAfee, Sophos and Symantec
Cascadia Labs looked at solutions from McAfee, Sophos and Symantec.

"Businesses are a prime target for cybercrime and many are looking for impartial advice on how best to protect their network," said Jared Bryant, Senior Analyst at Cascadia Labs "All three endpoint security products tested provided a strong foundation for a security strategy but one stood out: for companies that want a quick and painless security product that gets top marks for stopping zero-day threats, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is a clear choice."

Plus de 100 millions d’utilisateurs dans 150 pays ont retenu Sophos comme la meilleure défense du marché contre les menaces complexes et les risques de pertes de données. Régulièrement primées, ses solutions intégrées de sécurisation et de protection des informations sont simples à déployer, à administrer et à utiliser, et offrent le coût global de possession le plus avantageux du marché. Elles permettent le chiffrement des données, la protection des systèmes d’extrémité et des mobiles, la sécurisation du Web et de la messagerie et le contrôle d’accès réseau, avec le support permanent des SophosLabs, le réseau mondial de centres d'analyse des menaces de Sophos.

Les sièges sociaux de Sophos se trouvent à Boston, États-Unis et à Oxford, Royaume-Uni.