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XG Firewall Innovation

Differentiate, Solve Problems, and Win

Hear about the latest innovations in XG Firewall, including v18 and what’s next for XG and Sophos Central.

microphoneChris McCormack

Join this session to learn all about the latest innovations in XG Firewall, including v18, Sophos Central Management and Reporting, and MTR integration. We will focus on how these innovations help you differentiate, solve top customer problems, and win. We will also cover AWS support and what’s next for XG Firewall and Sophos Central.

Intercept X Innovation

Protect, Detect, Respond, and Win

Hear the latest innovations for the Intercept X suite of products, plus the future of EDR.

microphoneSeth Geftic

Come to this session to hear the latest innovations for the Intercept X suite of products, including endpoint protection, EDR, server protection, and mobile security. You will also hear about what new releases are on the horizon, with an emphasis on the next version of EDR to build upon our breakout endpoint, detection, and response success.

Join this session to learn:

  • The use cases that are resonating with security buyers
  • An overview of the latest releases for endpoint, server, mobile, and EDR
  • Insight into the product roadmaps, including Sophos' EDR strategy

Win with Managed Threat Response

How to Position Threat Hunting and Response Services

Gain a clear understanding of what threat hunting is and how to position it to your customers.

microphoneEric Kokonas

Within the past decade, advanced persistent threats (APTs) emerged as a top concern because of their ability to go undetected and to even penetrate those organizations with modern security controls in place. Traditional defensive efforts focused on defending at the perimeter and deploying anti-virus to protect endpoints were found wanting in stopping APTs. Recognizing the need to counter sophisticated adversaries, a new solution—managed detection and response—emerged that combined security tools with elite human expertise.

Sophos’ MDR service, Managed Threat Response (MTR), provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service. This session will bring you to a clear understanding of why managed services like Sophos MTR exists, what customer problems it solves, and how the service works to combat even the most advanced adversaries.

Securing the Cloud

Protect Applications and Data Everywhere

A walk-through of the emerging challenges and solutions to securing data in the cloud.

microphoneRichard Beckett

Recent high-profile incidents highlight how cyberattacks are moving to the cloud more and more, taking advantage of gaps in protection, team responsibilities, and cloud security knowledge.

The need to fully understand the shared security responsibilities you have with cloud providers, and how Sophos solutions protect users, applications, and data across every cloud is more important than ever.


Mastering the Competitive Landscape

Find out what sets our Managed Threat Response (MTR) service apart from the rest.

Requires Partner Portal log-in to access.

microphoneMaxim Weinstein

Since Gartner first coined managed detection and response (MDR) as a new category in 2016, the number of vendors positioning themselves as MDR providers has skyrocketed. Between pure-play MDRs, Managed EDRs, MSSPs, outsourced SOCs, and threat hunting-as-a-service providers, it's no small task to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

In this session, we'll cover the MDR competitive landscape, evaluate key features and capabilities, and highlight important differentiators that set our Managed Threat Response (MTR) service apart from the rest.

What’s Next for Endpoint Detection and Response

See the Future in Action

Learn more about the latest features of EDR, including Live Discover and Live Response.

microphoneKarl Ackerman

Join Karl Ackerman, Principle Product Manager, to learn more about our powerful new Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) features for Intercept X that are now available in early access. These new features bring pre-built, fully customizable SQL queries for both granular threat hunting and IT health checks and management across an organization’s estate. You’ll see live demos of Live Discover which lets you to search their data for almost any question you can think of and lets you respond with precision.

Sophos APIs

How to Automate, Integrate, and Respond

Find out how Sophos APIs add value and convenience to you and your customers during this technical overview.

microphoneAaron Bugal

Learn how to quickly get started with Sophos Central APIs, and how these APIs can help you add value to your customers. We will cover a technical overview of our partner dashboard, enterprise dashboard, and customer APIs. Learn how to enumerate tenants, automate the creation of new ones, find and act upon alerts, as well as interact with your customer endpoints and servers – all without touching Sophos Central.

Cybersecurity Evolved

Selling Cybersecurity as a System

Hear customer use cases and explore the benefits and advantages of cybersecurity as a system.

microphoneMarty Ward

Using the latest sales strategies and best practices, we will show you how to win with Sophos. Hackers and threats are constantly advancing, so we continue to evolve cybersecurity to be more predictive and adaptive – developing a cybersecurity system capable of responding, thinking, and improving on its own. We will discuss customer use cases and explore the business benefits and TCO advantages of selling cybersecurity as a system – both for you and your prospects.

Using TCO to Beat Microsoft Defender

Competing Against Built-in Security

Learn how to respond when customers ask if security included in their MS license is “good enough.”

Requires Partner Portal log-in to access.

microphoneMaxim Weinstein

Antivirus is included in the Windows operating system, and Microsoft offers cross-platform EDR at additional cost. This is leading more customers to wonder if they should save money on third-party endpoint protection. This session will show how Sophos Intercept X offers better protection with fewer real-world costs than Microsoft solutions, leading to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


The Threat Hunter Insight

Real-World Attacks and How to Stop Them

Find out why MSPs are being targeted for attacks, how the attacks happen, and how to fight them.

microphonePeter MacKenzie

Peter MacKenzie, an incident response manager at Sophos, will walk you through the threats partners face, why MSPs in particular are targeted, and how the attacks happen. You’ll learn how you are fighting humans and not machines, and Peter will show real world examples of how Sophos MTR can stop the attacks in their tracks.

Today’s Top 5 Cybersecurity Issues

Understand and Solve Your Customer Needs

Learn about the top five issues organizations are facing and how Sophos can solve them.

microphoneSally Adam

Customers face many security challenges, but which are top of their priority list? Using data from our global survey of 5,000 IT managers we explore the top five cybersecurity issues facing IT teams in 2020. We also look at which Sophos solutions to position to address each challenge, so you can be confident you’re giving your customers the best solutions to address their biggest needs.

Hacking Is the New Malware

Why Ransomware Remains in the Headlines

Hear about trends in hacking and enterprise ransomware, and how to defend your organization.

microphoneGreg Iddon

Day after day, week after week, yet another business makes the headlines after being brought to its knees by ransomware or a malware attack. But while badware always steals the spotlight, there is a more alarming trend taking place behind the scenes.

In almost every major outbreak of ransomware in the past 12 months, hackers are to blame. Ransomware is just the final stage of their attack after weeks or months hiding inside the network.

Join this session to learn:

  • The trends and rise of hacking and enterprise ransomware
  • Which techniques hackers are using to indiscriminately find their targets
  • How Sophos stops hacking and enterprise ransomware
  • Best practices and tips to better protect yourself and your organization

Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Gain key insight on emerging adversarial methods, response tactics, and how to neutralize threats.

microphoneMat Gangwer

It may seem like a peculiar twist of irony, but as the technical capabilities afforded by automation proliferate, successful cyberattacks are increasingly more reliant on human execution.

While fully automated cyberattacks have become easier to stop using advanced endpoint protection, there has been an increase in attacks that use automation in the early stages to establish a silent foothold in the organization, then shift to a human operator to execute the next steps. Slowly, methodically, and with great precision, attackers can enter the system, covertly modify security controls to evade detection, steal credentials or data, and continue working their way through the environment. If you think of a fully automated malware attack as a smash-and-grab job, these “automated active attacks” are Danny Ocean-level heists.

This session will share key insight on emerging adversarial methods, proven response tactics, and top-line strategies for detecting and neutralizing threats designed to circumvent technical security controls.


MSP Connect

Growing Your Managed Security Services

Get the latest information on our MSP program, plus key product roadmap updates.

Requires Partner Portal log-in to access.

microphoneScott Barlow

Scott Barlow, VP Global MSP, will provide important MSP program and product roadmap updates and discuss some techniques for selling managed security services.

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