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About Sophos

The cybersecurity landscape never stops evolving. Sophos strives to constantly evolve to meet every new challenge, protecting organizations of all sizes across the world from today’s most advanced cyber threats with intuitive solutions that adapt to every new challenge.

Evolve isn’t a buzzword – it’s imperative to survive the constantly changing threat landscape. We understand that the next cyberattack will be something no one has even imagined before, and build our solutions to monitor for, predict, and block those yet-unimagined threats, whether they target endpoints or servers, networks or mobile devices, traditional exploits or clever phishing ploys. And with a worldwide team of analysts, researchers, and ethical hackers, we offer access to future-thinking expertise no organization can build in-house on their own.

At Sophos, we know what keeps IT heroes awake at night. We offer innovative, powerful, and approachable means to make their work easier so they can focus on the areas they most need to and enable them to evolve to the next level of cybersecurity alongside us. Let’s evolve together to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.