SophosLabs Malware Analysis Workshop


One day

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Learn how to take a more hands-on approach to securing your IT infastructure with the workshop run by senior analysts at SophosLabs.

Malicious code has moved well beyond mass-mailing viruses with disk-wiping payloads created by misunderstood "geniuses" with a grudge. A significant percentage of today's malware is intended to allow crimes to be committed against its victims. In many cases, the crimes are aimed at specific organizations or industry groups.

This one-day course, aimed at IT security professionals who are responsible for implementing and maintaining IT security solutions, or who are involved in computer security research, is designed to allow attendees to take a more hands-on approach to securing their IT infrastructure.


  • An understanding of the issues involved with virus identification and detection
  • A general understanding of IT security issues

Course content

  • History of malware and phishing
  • Setting up a safe analysis facility
  • Sharing malware samples securely
  • Practical malware analysis
  • Emulation of wide-area networks inside a lab

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to

  • Describe the evolution of computer viruses
  • Create an environment to analyze malicious code securely
  • Create testing environments to test malicious code deductively
  • Share malware samples securely and according to industry best practice
  • Emulate complex network environments inside a secure lab

Supporting information

This course is limited to 10 participants. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material covered in this course, Sophos reserves the right of admission. Only bona fide IT security professionals should apply.

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