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Johnson Memorial Medical Center needed a centralized management solution for its IT security. By partnering with Sophos, Johnson Memorial Medical Center was able to streamline their security processes, protect patient information, and decrease spam and malware. Sophos provided the IT department with simple, easy-to-use monitoring tools. Johnson Memorial Medical Center is thrilled with the results, saying that the products have been highly successful and effective. In addition, Johnson Memorial Medical Center praises Sophos Technical Support for exceptional around-the-clock customer service. Descargar

“I have never encountered a company with better [customer] service,”
Ryan Tanner, IT Support Specialist, Johnson Memorial Medical Center

Fact File

Sector: Healthcare
Location: Stafford Springs, Connecticut
Environment: 500 Endpoint, 450 Email, 95 Encryption
Solutions: Endpoint Security and Control, Email Security and Data Protection, SafeGuard Easy

Business Challenge

For over 100 years, Johnson Memorial Medical Center has been serving the healthcare needs of residents in northern central Connecticut, with over 87,000 patient visits annually. Johnson Memorial Medical Center wanted to enhance its software security in order to ensure the privacy of its patients, and to better protect systems at all six locations accessed by over 1,400 employees.

IT Support Specialist Ryan Tanner says Sophos has been the perfect answer to the center’s needs because the software is incredibly convenient, powerful, and yet simple to use. “The final decision to go with Sophos was an easy one,” says Ryan. He explains that Sophos offered a smooth, streamlined process. Sophos provides one central desktop solution so the Center’s IT department can simply manage security. The many software products work together seamlessly, making it simple for Ryan to manage his security tasks. “It’s not that often that you can find a solution that encompasses endpoint control and protection, enterprise encryption, web filtering, email filtering, and network access control without having four to five different products,” says Ryan.

Over the years and at every turn, Sophos has surpassed expectations. “The network security at Johnson Memorial Medical Center has improved immensely,” says Ryan, “We have a big ‘blanket’ over the corporation that protects us from incoming threats and also prevents any important data from going out. It’s like getting a new mattress; you just know you’re going to sleep better at night.”

Technology Solution

Ryan notes three Sophos products that have greatly improved IT security for Johnson Memorial Medical Center.

  • Sophos Endpoint Security and Control quickly stood out as an essential tool for Ryan. This product is the eyes and ears for Ryan’s team, silently monitoring all systems across the hospital’s network. “It’s an all-in-one solution,” says Ryan. Sophos installs, updates, scans and protects without impacting work flow or user performance. “If a problem occurs because a threat is detected, notifications are sent to necessary IT staff,” explains Ryan. With such extensive, effective monitoring, Ryan is able to turn his attention to other aspects of his work.
  • Sophos Email Security and Data Protection has been critical in helping Ryan protect data and ensure it gets delivered securely. It’s an essential key in maintaining confidential patient data and personal health information (PHI). “It’s a perfect solution for delivering data securely to outside parties without having to worry about it being intercepted or delivered to the wrong address. Incoming malicious emails are a thing of the past,” says Ryan. His team found that the software was easy to install and run. Ryan explains, “Nobody can compete with how simple it is to set up and manage.”
  • Sophos SafeGuard Easy reduces the risk of critical information falling into the wrong hands if a laptop gets lost or stolen. Ryan is responsible for making sure that Johnson Memorial Medical Center’s content and data remain secure. He notes examples of large organizations that pop up in the news because information was leaked. “Safeguard Easy is the perfect client to keep Johnson Memorial Medical Center out of the news for sure,” says Ryan.

Business Results

Sophos continues to please Ryan. He raves about Sophos Technical Support. “I have never encountered a company with better [customer] service,” says Ryan. Over the years, Sophos Technical Support has assisted Ryan with complex tasks. In one instance, Ryan reached out to Technical Support at an odd hour. He was busy updating the medical center’s servers in order to improve performance and scalability. This conversion took place over the weekend to avoid system interruptions during the hospital’s busiest hours. But on a Sunday night, around 8 p.m., Ryan ran into multiple issues.”It was probably the most complicated thing I’ve ever done,” says Ryan. So he reached out to Technical Support for assistance, and the response was exceptional. Ryan says the team was “very knowledgeable,” and quickly helped him resolve all the issues. “That was such a long weekend,” says Ryan, “All in all, Sophos was on the phone with me for about six hours.” Sophos Technical Support carefully walked Ryan through the entire conversion. “They helped me think through every aspect,” says Ryan.

Ryan points out that the service from Sophos Technical Support goes far beyond what he encountered that one Sunday night. He points out that every experience with Technical Support is “absolutely stellar.” Ryan says, “Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive are just a few words to describe the Sophos support team.”

Ryan notes the many ways Sophos Enterprise Console has helped streamline IT security for Johnson Memorial Medical Center. As Ryan explains, “With the use of the Sophos Enterprise Console, I have the ability to not only monitor application usage, data transfers, and device usage, but we can even stop the end users from using certain applications, attaching/uploading sensitive data to emails or the internet, and even hooking up their iPod or other peripherals.” For Ryan, all this monitoring from one central location provides a sense of peace. “Enterprise Console enables me to check the general health of our network and ensure that all our endpoints are up to date and clean of all malicious content,” says Ryan. Sophos Enterprise Console is the perfect time-saving tool so Ryan doesn’t get sidetracked with security issues. “I now have the ability to install SV, clean up viruses, and manage all of our devices from my desk which saves an immense amount of time,” says Ryan.

For Johnson Memorial Medical Center, selecting Sophos has been paramount to obtaining a secure IT environment. “Sophos has been one of our best investments,” says Ryan. He explains that it was difficult to find such an all-encompassing solution, and he has been very impressed with all the tasks that the Sophos products can accomplish. Ryan explains, “Sophos has been a key component in strengthening and supporting our corporate IT security policy. Sophos solutions and services keep our patients’ private and confidential data safe and secure on an easy-to-use enterprise platform.”

Ryan praises Sophos. He says, “I have been approached by a few other organizations asking which antivirus or encryption solution that I recommend and it has always been the same answer… Sophos.”

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"Sophos nos ha ahorrado tiempo, recursos y dinero"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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