Case Study: PreCash

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When financial services provider PreCash needed to update its antivirus protection and boost its data security with email-encryption and data-leakage capabilities, the company checked out several vendors—including McAfee and Symantec. Josh Behnke, PreCash’s IT Security Officer, knew that he wanted a unified solution that delivered specific features and performance—but at an affordable price. With Sophos, PreCash could migrate to an integrated solution, with better performing products—and cut their costs in half. Descargar

“The interface for the Sophos products is quite common as you flow from device to device. And, the ease of implementation is amazing.” Josh Behnke, IT Security Officer PreCash

Fact file

Sector: Finance
Location: Houston, TX
Users: 200+
Solution: A full suite of Sophos Security & Data Protection solutions

Business Challenge

Data security is critical in the financial services industry. With data breaches constantly in the news, visibility is high when a breach happens and the cost of recovery is huge. PreCash knew it had to protect the financial information its employees worked with day in and day out, blocking any chance of data leakage.

Josh Behnke and his IT staff were facing a perfect storm of events. Support contracts were ending. Security devices and products were at the end-of-life. And, Josh needed to pursue an email-encryption and data-leakage solution. This fact became increasingly clear as new PreCash product offerings required the need for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

“While producing evidence samples for an audit, it was cumbersome to go from to one device to the next and have to produce different reports for each one,” Josh recalls. “So between those devices expiring, as well as our need for a solution that was more unified, we began to look at different choices. Through a process of elimination, we found our way to Sophos.”

Technology Solution

PreCash chose the Sophos Security and Data Protection bundle. This solution includes malware, data protection and encryption for desktops and laptops, plus email and web protection at the network gateway. With this unified solution, administration is a breeze, and Josh is well-prepared for his next audit.

It was also a cinch to get up and running. “Basically, the product arrived, we unboxed it, and we followed the instructions to complete the basic configuration of the email appliance. Inside a few hours it was functioning. A day after that, we customized the configuration to control certain items.”

Email encryption is a significant element of PreCash’s security solution, and a requirement for the payment card industry. Without encryption, PreCash forbid employees from sending any sensitive data over email. So, obviously, implementing it was a priority for Josh. But, he also knew that if encryption was a burden for the PreCash staff, they wouldn’t use it.

“The Sophos email encryption process is completely transparent to the user. This was important to us, but not something that most vendors offered,” stated Josh. “Once we implemented the Sophos product, every email that went over the Internet was instantly encrypted—from inbox to inbox. Now, it’s so easy that there’s no reason not to use it.”

Another important part of the new functionality is dataleakage protection (DLP). DLP provides visibility into the storage, transmission and use of confidential information to identify the highest areas of exposure. Within the first hour of implementing the Sophos solution, Josh recognized that two users were not following documented procedures, and had sent emails containing company proprietary information.

“We have all sorts of written policies on confidentiality, but we didn’t have enough technology to systematically enforce those policies,” explained Josh. “When we rolled out the Sophos mail gateway, we had some rules in there in looking for the presence of data identified as sensitive. As soon as this was detected, I got an email notifying me that an employee was sending information that should not have been sent via email.”

Working with sensitive data, including credit card information, is part of the job at PreCash, which is why the emails are now all encrypted. But, Josh appreciates the insight into the information that was being leaked through PreCash’s mail gateway.

PreCash’s IT administrators also welcomed the Sophos Security and Data Protection solution. The help desk used to get calls saying, “My machine is slow, something is going on.” When they went to the user’s desk they would find that the old antivirus product was running a full scan on the machine. It had carried over from the previous night and was impacting their ability to work. Josh comments, “We haven’t had a single call like that since we rolled out the Sophos product.”

Business Results

Josh concludes, “Our team at PreCash is just trying to do their jobs the best they can. It’s not my job to put a roadblock into their way, but instead to provide them with technologies that allow them to do their work and also keep our data safe.”

“I would encourage anybody to do the research and figure out what will work best for your organization —I think you will find that Sophos will fit.”