Ohio State University, Department of Arts and Humanities


The Department of Arts and Humanities at Ohio State University has been using Sophos UTM since 2006 to protect against malware and consolidate and filter network traffic from multiple buildings. And as the department has grown, their Sophos UTM has grown with them to meet their evolving needs. Descargar

“With the Sophos appliances, we experienced greater productivity, reduced risk and costs savings … and the transition between the 525 and 625 appliance was completely seamless.”
William Strucke, Systems Manager

Sector: Education
Location: Ohio, USA
Environment: 19 buildings and over 4000 students and staff
Solution: Three Sophos UTM Appliances on campus; a UTM 625 to protect the network, a UTM 320 in an offsite computer lab and a UTM 220 at a remote office location.

Business Challenge

  • While they were happy with the Sophos UTM, the university’s rapid growth meant they needed more power than their 525 appliance could offer.
  • They still needed a fully integrated security solution that would offer virus and spyware protection, consolidate and filter network traffic from multiple buildings and was simple to manage.

Technology solution

  • Ohio State University decided to upgrade to a 625 appliance for their network security configuration.

Business results

  • The transition between the 525 and 625 appliance was completely seamless. None of their users were aware of the change as it didn’t halt or adversely affect network traffic or connectivity in anyway.
  • The 625 appliance has helped reduce the number of help desk calls
  • Additionally Sophos UTM blocks 40-50 viruses at the border a day, saving time fixing these threats.

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Comentarios de clientes

"Sophos nos ha ahorrado tiempo, recursos y dinero"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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