Durant Independent School District


Durant Independent School District chose Sophos for their enterprise antivirus because of its unique combination of effectiveness, seamless operation, reliability and value. Eight years and multiple upgrades later they are still delighted with the solution. Descargar

“Through eight years and multiple upgrades, Sophos has been a great end-user antivirus and application control solution.”
Larry Bennett, Director of Technology, Durant Independent School District

Sector: Education
Location: Durant, Oklahoma, USA
Environment: 3,800 users
Solution: Sophos Endpoint

Business Challenge

  • Durant was using McAfee and Symantec, but as their PC count grew these solutions were inadequate due to lack of scalability.
  • Their previous solutions also consumed a lot of system resources and didn’t work well with Durant’s other applications.
  • Durant then incurred significant financial and resource costs dealing with new email worms, putting them behind on other projects and increasing stress levels significantly.

Technology solution

  • After considering other alternatives, Durant identified Sophos as the best-of-breed solution that gave them the ‘best bang for our buck’.
  • The Sophos solution integrated smoothly into Durant’s layered security systems which included a traditional firewall, content filter, application and intrusion prevention, and a third-party email filter appliance.
  • Deploying Sophos was easy, and the process was simplified further with Sophos’ Competitor Removal Tool which sped-up the installation.

Business results

  • By eliminating the malware outbreaks that once plagued Durant’s schools, Sophos Endpoint Protection has helped to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in direct cost savings.
  • The district’s technology staff now have more time to participate in initiatives that deliver far greater educational benefits to students.

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Comentarios de clientes

"Sophos nos ha ahorrado tiempo, recursos y dinero"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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