MPEG virus

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Around October 1998, an email began to circulate claiming that a new virus called 'Bloat' had been discovered. The email describes it as the "first successful multi-application media-file virus", which targets Layer 3 audio compatible players called MP3 players. It claims the player software becomes infected by opening an infected file, and subsequently infects all MP3 or EXE files written-to by the player software.

The hoax virus gets its name from its alleged side-effect, which is to increase the size of infected files by a factor of up to five.

No such virus currently exists. Although much technical information is presented in the email to give the hoax credibility, the actual infection mechanisms are not described in a satisfactory manner.

A number of other factors indicate the email is a hoax. For example, the email claims that the virus was discovered by a company called Internet Western Associates, which cannot be traced. It also claims that McAfee Labs is "the anti-virus research affiliate of IWA" which is clearly not correct.

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