Categoría: Bulo de virus Fecha de detección: 17 ene. 2002
Tipo: hoaxFecha de actualización: 08 jun. 2006


The text of this virus hoax reads as follows:

fluxor - a new virus!

Warning! A new virus has been discovered. It comes in a E-mail titled FluXoR, DON`T open it. If you do that your computer will be infected by it, because it uses a hole in Outlook express, like the well known virus named 'Badtrans'.

If your computer gets infected by the virus, it will DECEASE all the website's you will be visiting after You have been infected as well as it attacks your autoexec.bat file! It spreads to all the people in your address book, so its a good idea to delete all the persons in your adress book, so it dont spreads To your friends and family members... Microsoft has annoucned it to be EXTREMELY destructive! NO and i repeat NO antivirus can detect it so the only way to get rid of it is simply....FORMAT YOUR HDD AND PRAY!!

- PLEASE send this mail to ALL your friends and family members, so they know about this new virus!

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