Daisy Chain

Categoría: Bulo de virus Fecha de detección: 01 ene. 2000
Tipo: hoaxFecha de actualización: 08 jun. 2006


This is an email message which is sent to people from a "practical joke" website. Sophos warns against making "practical jokes" about computer viruses as they are often misunderstood by recipients with unfortunate consequences.

The hoax reads as follows:

YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED! You are recieving this notice because our servers have detected that while surfing the internet this computer was infected with the Daisy Chain Virus. The consequences of this virus are quite EXTREME. In fact you only have 10 MINUTES from the time you open this e-mail to follow the link below and deactivate the virus. If left untreated your computer will begin transmitting the ENTIRE CONTENTS of your hard drive to CYBER HACKERS. HERE IS THE LINK: Other scans of your computer also found traces of ILLEGAL PORN on this machine. As a precaution the Internet Patrol (IP) has been sent a copy of our report. To view this report or to make modifications to it follow this link:

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