Categoría: Bulo de virus Fecha de detección: 01 ene. 2000
Tipo: hoaxFecha de actualización: 08 jun. 2006


Existen al menos dos versiones del bulo BUDDYLST.ZIP:

Texto de la primera versión:

A computer virus is going around! It is called BUDDYLST.ZIP! Do not download or some jerk from the Internet will get your screen name and password! Please send this to any names you can think of and remember never download BUDDYLST.ZIP

Texto de la segunda versión:

Yesterday a friend of mine called and told me about something that happened to him. He opened his E-mail and this BUDDYLST.ZIP was there. When he opened it his computer crashed and when he tried to re-boot he had lost everything! It was a Virus that was being passed around...BEWARE!

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