RIP Daddy

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Please foward this e-mail to as many ppl y0u know, each person you send it to, the red cross will donate 10 cents for mom's operation!!!!!!!

>I'm 11 years old. My mommy worked on the 20th floor in the
>World Trade Tower.
>On Sept. 11 2001 my daddy drove my mom to work. She was running
>late so she left her purse in the car. My daddy seen it so he parked
>the car and went to give her the purse. That day after school my
>daddy didn't come to pick me up. Instead a police man came and took
>me to foster care.
>Finally I found out why my daddy never came..
>I really loved him....
>They never found his body..
>My mom is in the the Hospital since then..
>She is losing lots of blood..
>She needs to go through surgery..
>But since my daddy is gone and no one is working..
>We have no money ..
>And her surgery cost lots of money..
>So the Red Cross said that..
>for every time this email is fwd we
>Will get 10 cent for my mom's surgery.
>So please have a heart and fwd this to everyone you know
>I really miss my daddy and now I don't want to lose my
>mommy too..
>R.I.P. Daddy..(James Thomas)

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