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Manually creating the Sophos databases for Enterprise Console as part of an install or upgrade
09 mar. 2017

How to install/upgrade the Sophos Management Database component on a different (remote) computer
14 feb. 2017

Sophos Enterprise Console: associated database names
14 feb. 2017

Dropping previous databases used by Enterprise Console
13 feb. 2017

Using backupdb.bat and restoredb.bat: How to back up and restore the Sophos databases
13 feb. 2017

Installing or Upgrading Enterprise Console databases in a clustered SQL Server environment
13 feb. 2017

How to move a database from one Remote SQL Server to another in a Distributed Environment
13 feb. 2017

User accounts required by Sophos Enterprise Console
13 feb. 2017

Sophos SQL Best Practice Guide for Endpoint products
16 dic. 2016

Changing domain name, computer name, network type or OS when the Enterprise Console is installed
21 mar. 2016

How to check which SQL Server instance your Sophos management server is using
28 ene. 2016

How to create a Microsoft SQL Server Express instance called SOPHOS
20 ago. 2015

Purging old virtual machines from the Sophos database
30 jun. 2015

Enabling remote access to a SQL Server instance
19 jun. 2015

Troubleshooting SQL Server login failures (18456 errors)
29 may. 2015

Sqlcmd commands for accessing the Sophos core database and extracting information
29 may. 2015

A new instance cannot be created because Microsoft .NET is not installed
12 mar. 2015

How to Move the Sophos Database to a Different Drive on the Same Computer
30 ene. 2015

A new instance cannot be created because Windows Installer 4.5 is not installed
27 ene. 2015

Management Service fails to start after SEC5.x upgrade
27 ene. 2015

Sophos Enterprise core database: significant files
20 nov. 2014

Could not get a valid state for MSSQL$SOPHOS (# 0) - Ensure this service is started then click the OK button
19 jun. 2014

Database connection fails with: Test connection failed because of an error initializing provider.
12 may. 2014

Enterprise Console: management server cannot connect to remote database on SQL Server Express
09 may. 2014

Sophos database table size query
06 may. 2014

Creating a data link (UDL) file and testing connectivity to a SQL server
01 may. 2014

How to Take SQL Instance Ownership (When locked out)
14 ene. 2014

'Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID' whilst running DataBackupRestore.exe
17 sep. 2013

Microsoft SQL Server [version] fails to install
30 ago. 2013

Sophos Management Service fails to start when server is rebooted
26 jul. 2013

"The version of SQL Server instance %InstanceName% is not supported"
20 jun. 2013

SQL error when attempting an upgrade of Enterprise Console
19 feb. 2013

The logon user cannot access the database created during a previous installation
27 feb. 2012

Insufficient Database Privileges - You do not appear to have sufficient privileges to create the Sophos database on the selected SQL Server instance.
18 ene. 2012

El acceso a la instancia del servidor SQL predeterminada puede interrumpirse durante la instalación de Enterprise Console versión 5.x
01 dic. 2011