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Certificates incorrectly imported during Enterprise Console server migration
21 mar. 2017

Error regarding existing Sophos database(s) shown during installation of Enterprise Console 5.x
13 feb. 2017

Console 5.x: Prerequisite checks performed by the Sophos Enterprise Console 5.x installer
13 feb. 2017

How to uninstall Enterprise Console and the client software from the same computer
06 feb. 2017

Error 0x8007052e: Failed to create scheduled task
14 sep. 2016

Sophos Management service fails to start after uninstalling a previous version of the Enterprise Console
08 jun. 2016

Error 2203. Database: ...\Sum.msi. Cannot open database file. System error
12 feb. 2016

Installation errors: troubleshooting installation errors using MSI logs
18 ago. 2015

Installation of a Sophos console displays error: 'The installer has found an existing account for Sophos Update Manager on this computer and cannot continue'
29 may. 2015

Upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.2.x with an unsupported SQL Server Version
29 may. 2015

Information on Sophos Enterprise Console 5.3.0
15 abr. 2015

Sophos Enterprise Console...Installation Failed
27 ene. 2015

What to do when an invalid User Principal Name (UPN) account is selected during the installation of Sophos Enterprise Console
27 ene. 2015

Unable to install Management Server - Failed to create scheduled tasks
19 ene. 2015

Enterprise Console installer has detected different versions of the components installed
19 ene. 2015

Sophos Update Manager -- Error 25075: Cannot add user SophosUpdateMgr on server
24 oct. 2014

Information on Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.2
05 sep. 2014

Encryption Update failed message when upgrading to SEC 5.2.2
13 jun. 2014

Uninstalling Sophos Update Manager from a management server hosting Sophos Enterprise Console / Sophos Control Centre
12 may. 2014

Sophos Enterprise Console Install "Unable to install Sophos Update Manager the msi terminated unexpectedly..."
11 mar. 2014

Unable to install Database - A custom action failed
11 mar. 2014

Unable to install Database - AddAdminsAccountsToGroup: Error 0x8007056c
14 ene. 2014

Unable to install Database - AddAdminsAccountsToGroup: Error 0x80070560: NetLocalGroupAddMembers failed
09 ene. 2014

Unable to install Database - A custom action failed: Existing database files on disk
25 nov. 2013

SEC 5 upgrade fails due to a 'UseClearText' password being set
23 nov. 2013

Upgrade to Enterprise Console 5.1 fails with just a red circle and a white cross - Custom Action: GenerateRSAKeyPair fails
23 nov. 2013

Unable to install Database - AddAdminsAccountsToGroup: Error 0x80072141
27 ago. 2013

Microsoft Message Queuing failed
27 ago. 2013

Unable to install Management Server - failure to install Business Objects
27 ago. 2013

A fatal error occurred during the database upgrade (#5) Access is denied. OR Exit code 5 failed to transfer data from old database when running upgradedb.exe
09 ago. 2013

Error: 'Sophos Update Manager is already installed. Please uninstall it before continuing.'
26 jul. 2013

'The list is empty' message during installation of Enterprise Console
17 jul. 2013

"The version of SQL Server instance %InstanceName% is not supported"
20 jun. 2013

PureMessage installation fails: 'Setup was unable to unregister PureMessage from the SMTP service. Error details: COM error-code 0x80004005 : Unspecified error'
09 may. 2013

Imposible instalar la base de datos debido a una instalación previa de Enterprise Console a la que no se puede acceder
04 abr. 2013

SQL error when attempting an upgrade of Enterprise Console
19 feb. 2013

Unable to install Management Server - failure to Export certificates - I/O failure
11 jun. 2012

Error: 'Must declare the scalar variable @user_name'
18 may. 2012

The logon user cannot access the database created during a previous installation
27 feb. 2012

No es posible desinstalar Enterprise Console del servidor de Windows sin derechos de administrador
23 ene. 2012

Insufficient Database Privileges - You do not appear to have sufficient privileges to create the Sophos database on the selected SQL Server instance.
18 ene. 2012

El acceso a la instancia del servidor SQL predeterminada puede interrumpirse durante la instalación de Enterprise Console versión 5.x
01 dic. 2011

Enterprise Console: the installer displays a restart prompt
24 mar. 2011

Unable to install SEC 4.x SQL installation interrupted "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called ..."
17 feb. 2011

Enterprise Console: Error 1935 displayed during installation
18 ene. 2011

Enterprise Console 4.0 and SUM will not install on Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7
22 dic. 2010