Information on Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.2

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This article provides information regarding Enterprise Console 5.2.2 .  It includes product changes and guidance on how and if you should upgrade.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
Enterprise Console 5.2.2

What's new?

  • Sophos Remote Management System (RMS) version 4 and Sophos Update Manager (SUM) 1.5.2 are included as part of this release.  For more information see article 121071.
  • Improved integration with Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield, in particular, improved error reporting. 
  • Optimized workflow for minor upgrades. In particular, there is no need to re-enter passwords and port number. 
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.
  • A number of minor items have been addressed:
    • The 'Global' Encryption policy has been changed to force Windows to always prompt for a password when resuming from hibernate or sleep with POA enabled or disabled.
    • (DEF96865) Improve logging, remove error messages for transient conditions that resolve themselves.
    • (DEF96047) If a user upgraded from SEC 5.1 to SEC 5.2 and then to SEC 5.2.1, the SEC 5.1 encryption database may be recovered on upgrade from SEC 5.2 to SEC 5.2.1..
    • (DEF95350) When modifying a SEC 5.2.1 R2 installation, the installer rediscovers SQL Server instance, rather than using an already configured database instance.

Should you upgrade?

We recommend you upgrade to this version if you have computers managed by Enterprise Console that are encrypted or require any of the items listed above.

How to Upgrade

  1. Refer to article 119105 regarding the possible upgrade paths for Sophos Enterprise Console.  You may need to upgrade to an intermediate version prior to upgrading to this release.

  2. Download the Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.2 installer (sec_522_sfx.exe) from the download section of the website.

  3. You must run the 5.2.2 installer on computers that are configured with the following components of Sophos Enterprise Console:
    • Management Console
    • Management Server
    • Database

    • There are no changes to the databases in this release from Enterprise Console 5.2.1 or 5.2.1 R2.  
    • If you have previously installed the SOPHOS521 (and associated databases) via scripted methods, i.e. you have not run the Enterprise Console installer on the database computer, no action is required regarding the database component. The only change when upgrading the database component would be to change the version number of the database component in 'Programs and Features' or 'Add or Remove Programs'.

  4. The self extracting installer will extract files required for the installation to 'C:\sec_522\' by default before launching the installer.  Please note the following:
    • Upgrades between versions typically invoke an 'Upgrade' workflow; for upgrades from Enterprise Console 5.2.1 and 5.2.1 R2 will be a 'Modify' workflow which is expected.

Can you use this installer for fresh installations?

Yes, you should consider Enterprise Console 5.2.2 as the latest version of Sophos Enterprise Console.  We encourage all fresh installs to use this version.

Si necesita más ayuda, póngase en contacto con soporte técnico.

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