Error 2203. Database: ...\Sum.msi. Cannot open database file. System error

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When upgrading Enterprise Console Sum.msi fails to install. The following error is seen in the bootstrapper log:

MSI (s) (84:20) [TIME]: Note: 1: 2203 2: D:\Program Files\Sophos\Enterprise Console\SUMInstaller\Sum.msi 3: -2147287035
MSI (s) (84:20) [TIME]: Product: Sophos Update Manager -- Error 2203.Database: D:\Program Files\Sophos\Enterprise Console\SUMInstaller\Sum.msi. Cannot open database file. System error -2147287035.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.2.1


  • The file being called does not exist.
  • Permissions on the folder containing the file are too restrictive.

What To Do

  1. Ensure the Sum.msi file exists in the folder path mentioned as mentioned in the error.
  2. Check the permissions on the folders in the path to Sum.msi file and ensure they are not missing any security groups or rights.

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