User interface changes introduced within Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

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This article lists some of the main differences seen in Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) 3.5 when compared to version 3.0 and lower.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Mobile Control 3.5

Changes on the Dashboard

The dashboard now contains a pie chart for the number of compliant and non-compliant devices as well as a pie chart of managed and not-managed devices.
In addition, the whole configuration bar containing the buttons for the settings, password change, user management, technical contact, device compliance and reports now went into different sections in the menu on the left hand side.
The information about the license is removed from the dashboard and is now displayed after clicking on the 'About' menu item.

Changes on the menu bar

Task archive

The task archive was removed from the menu can now be accessed using the 'Task view'.


This section was completely removed. The settings for 'SMC client packages' and 'SMC client installation' can now be found at 'Settings | client packages'.
To bootstrap an iOS device you now have to go into the device details after adding the device. Click the 'Bootstrap this device' button.
Alternatively, deploy a task bundle having the 'Bootstrap the iOS MDM client' configured as the first task.


All sub settings of the 'Applications' section can now be accessed via buttons after clicking onto the 'Applications' items.


The profiles section was also summarized and all subsettings can be accessed via buttons after clicking on the respective platform.

Task and Command bundles

Transferring a task or command bundle is now possible using the 'Transfer' button after clicking on 'Task bundles' or 'Command bundles'.
The transfer item was removed from the menu.


This section replaces the 'Reports' button which was available in the Dashboard in former versions.
As of Sophos Mobile Control 3.5 you can now download sheets containing the reports. Additional reports were added with SMC 3.5.


The 'Administrators' section replaces the 'User management' button which was available in the Dashboard.

Compliance rules

This section covers the functionality which was beforehand accessible using the compliance settings button at the Dashboard.


The settings section now covers the following subcategories:

  • General
    You can configure your personal settings for the logged in user, change your password, edit password policies for this customer, configure Sophos Mobile Security if activated, define the locate feature of the iOS client, configure the Windows Phone 8 client. Furthermore, you can define the settings for the 'Provisioning via e-mail' as well as the 'Technical contact' details which are displayed in the SMC client on the mobile device
  • Self Service Portal
    Here you can define all settings as they were available in the former versions in the 'Self Service Portal' tab after entering the 'Settings'.
  • System setup
    This section covers the APNS tab which was also part of the 'Settings' in former versions.
    In addition, a new tab is available which is called 'User setup'. With this tab you can define the user directory which should be used to allow users access to the Self Service Portal or to replace the Sophos Mobile Control internal variable %_USERNAME_% and %_EMAILADDRESS_%
  • Client packages
    As stated above, this section covers all the Sophos Mobile Control client packages which are available. You can also transfer the client to new devices using this section.
  • About
    The 'About' section displays information about the Sophos Mobile Control installation and your license. If you are logged in as a super administrator you can also download a zip of log files from here.

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