SEC 5 upgrade fails due to a 'UseClearText' password being set

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When running the Enterprise Console 5.0.0 installer you see the message:

Sophos Enterprise Console 5.0.0 Installation Failed.

Note: In this failure case, there is no other message; just a red circle with a white cross appears.  For other known failure cases please see article: Sophos Enterprise Console...Installation Failed.

First seen in
Enterprise Console 5.0.0


The registry value 'UseClearText' under the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[wow6432node]\Sophos\EE\Management Tools\DatabaseUser

was previously set to 1 and a clear text password entered in the 'DatabaseUserPassword' value.  

Note: Enabling 'UseClearText' is not the default or encouraged beyond troubleshooting purposes.

What To Do

Important: Verify you have this specific issue first before proceeding with the steps below. To do so please check that the 'UseClearText'  in the above mentioned key is set to 1. If this is not the case please check the error is not covered by other errors on this page: Sophos Enterprise Console...Installation Failed

  1. Delete the registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\[wow6432node]\Sophos\EE\Management Tools\DatabaseUser

    • It is recommended to take a backup of this key prior to removing it.
    • Do not delete this key in any other circumstances.

  2. Then attempt the upgrade by re-running 'C:\sec_50\ServerInstaller\setup.exe', this will ensure the upgrade prompts for the 'Database account' during the upgrade.  This will ensure a obfuscated password is then set correctly.

Technical information

The install failure occurs in the 'server[32|64].msi' where the custom action 'DeobfuscatePassword' tries to de-obfuscate the clear text password.  The following exists in the msi log file: '%temp%\Sophos_Server32msi [timestamp].log'.

MSI (s) (18:F0) [14:22:21:531]: Doing action: DeobfuscatePassword
Action ended 14:22:21: ResetSOPHOS.A42953EB_3852_4E7A_82AB_8C060787C9A70. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (18:CC) [14:22:21:531]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSIEA.tmp, Entrypoint: DeobfuscatePassword
Action start 14:22:21: DeobfuscatePassword.
DeobfuscatePassword: Initialized.
DeobfuscatePassword: Error 0x80004005: Standard exception
DeobfuscatePassword: Error 0x80004005: Exception caught
Action ended 14:22:21: DeobfuscatePassword. Return value 3.
Action ended 14:22:21: INSTALL. Return value 3.

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