Astaro Smart Installer (ASI) Instruction Guide

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Information Summary

The Astaro Smart Installer is a special USB drive that contains a unique chip which allows emulation of a USB CD-ROM. The software packages that are made available by Astaro will automatically sense that the ASI is connected, and burn the packaged image onto the drive with a single click to a special partition created on the fly. 

It is also possible to use the ASI as a regular USB drive to transport backup files, license keys, and other information. Note: Each time you write a new image to the drive, all existing information on all parts of the ASI (including files placed on the removable drive partition) will be deleted.

Identifying The ASI Model

There are two versions of the Astaro Smart Installer. While identical in use and features, they require different software to load with images. For an overview, visuals, and download links, visit

Burning The ASI

  1. Download the latest imaging package for ASI for the product you require.Each one has a prepared ISO and executable to write to ASI (see above link). Browsing manually, you will see version/type directories will have paths for “smart_installer” which contain .ZIP packages for the ASI V1/V2 whenever a new ISO is made available, and labelled with “ASI” in the title (eg: “”).
  2. Connect the ASI to a Windows computer containing the imaging package.
  3. With the ASI plugged in, extract the archive and then run the ASI.exe application.
  4. Use the newly imaged ASI to install on the target platform, as described below.

Installation Steps


This operation will completely erase your existing configuration (Rules, Logs, Policies, etc...) If you wish to restore your previous configuration, please ensure you have a suitable backup file prepared to restore once the process is finished!

  1. Make sure the target Astaro device is powered off.
  2. Insert the Astaro Smart Installer into a free USB port on the target device.
  3. Power on the target device.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Use of the ASI to install on to an ASG Software Appliance (your OWN x86 hardware platform) requires the hook up of a monitor and keyboard to follow the on-screen installation steps and complete them accordingly! Official Astaro ASG Appliance installs are unattended, however the use of a monitor is optional, and for appliance models without a front panel LCD it is recommended so as to be aware when the installer has completed. 

Si necesita más ayuda, póngase en contacto con soporte técnico.

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