Ports required for a complete Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) implementation

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Known to apply to the following Sophos products and versions

Sophos Mobile Control

Ports for external to internal communications from the Internet to the SMC server:

  1. Port 443 (HTTPS) to connect your mobile devices to the Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) server. This port is also used to connect to the web console.
    Used by the internal Proxy component built-in to the SMC Server. All traffic will be forwarded to port 8080.
  2. Port 80 is re-routed to port 443 and needs to be accessible. Used by the internal Proxy component built-in to the SMC Server.
  3. Port 8080 used by the SMC Server receiving traffic from the built-in proxy component.

Ports for internal communications between SMC environmental component:

  1. Port 80 / 443 (HTTP / HTTPS) is used to connect to your internal exchange / traveler server or the Blackberry Enterprise Server.
  2. Port 389 / 636 (LDAP / LDAPS) is required to use your internal LDAP-Server.
  3. Port 25 (SMTP) for sending alarm emails from your Sophos Mobile Control Server.

Ports and URLs for internal to external communications of the SMC server

  1. Port 443 (HTTPS) in order to connect to the external SMC Service Center, the GCM Servers, Apple Servers and Windows Push Notification Servers
    • services.sophosmc.com
    • android.googleapis.com
    • gcm-http.googleapis.com
    • itunes.apple.com
    • vpp.itunes.apple.com
    • deviceservices-external.apple.com
    • login.live.com
    • db3.notify.windows.com
  2. Port 2195 for the connection to the Apple Push Notification (APN) Service (gateway.push.apple.com)
  3. Port 2196 used by the APNs feedback service
    Please note: Apple recommends you enable communication to the whole 17.*.*.* network.
Ports and URLs for device communication and apps
  1. Port 443 (HTTPS) in order to connect to the SMC-Server and the following components:
    • Windows Push Notification Service
      • *.notify.windows.com
      • *.wns.windows.com
      • *.notify.live.net
    • Google Cloud Messaging
      • android.googleapis.com
      • gcm-http.googleapis.com
    • Activation of Sophos Secure Email
      • mam-dev.securepim.com
      • clm.securepim.com
    • for Samsung devices (verify this Samsung article for the necessary URLs)
  2. Port 5228, 5229 and 5230 (C2DM or GCM) for the devices to contact the Google Servers
  3. Port 5223 (APNS) for the devices to contact the Apple Servers

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