Windows 7 Security:

A great leap forward or business as usual?

What's changed from Windows Vista

Microsoft overhauled the interface between users and Vista's security controls with the Vista Security Center and renamed it the Action Center.

The User Account Control (UAC) system has been redesigned, the firewall expanded, encryption extended and promise of a new user-friendly VPN system.

A great leap forward?

With Windows 7, Microsoft showed that it is paying attention to its critics and has attempted to deal with a number of the issues that were present in Vista.

These new features will play a significdant role in Windows 7 gaining traction with users and IT departments that have resisted upgrading to the OS. As Microsoft wants to avoid a repeat of the Windows Vista experience, marketing and sales teams will be pushing customers to upgrade to Windows 7. For those that have waited, upgrades are no longer choice.

It is almost certain that Windows 7 will push XP aside. Therefore, the safety level of the new platform will have a massive influence on computer users worldwide, whether they like it or not.

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