Solving Four Primary Security Challenges of Microsoft SharePoint

This paper examines SharePoint's key risks and recommends best practices to secure SharePoint and protect your organization’s digital assets.

Microsoft Office SharePoint allows information workers to collaborate on documents, gather data from multiple sources, and publish and distribute materials through one central location. And, while its productivity and empowerment benefits can be easily realized, so can its related risks.

What are the four primary risks?

1. Viruses and other malware

See how to deploy an anti-virus suite designed for scanning SQL Server database stores to find malware and suspicious files stored within the database.

2. Access to inappropriate content

Prevent your SharePoint portal from becoming a vast source of inappropriate, illegal or similar content that violates legal requirements for compliance and governance.

3. Data leakage of competitive and business intelligence

See what to look for in a solution that specifically ensures sensitive data is not being leaked through SharePoint or Exchange.

4.Data tampering by internal and external users

Learn how a modular information protection control solution can enforces policy-based security for PCs and mobile devices across mixed environments.

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