Colaborar con confianza

La protección contra malware y el control de contenidos permiten que sus usuarios puedan compartir, pero no demasiado.

Protect critical business data

Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint protects your critical business data from malware. But, it also helps you control the distribution of sensitive information and provides you with visibility into the security of your servers.

We’ve combined modern threat protection, customizable content controls and an intuitive web-based console. These features make it easy for you to secure a single server or an extensive SharePoint infrastructure.

Protección contra amenazas moderna

Hemos basado Sophos para Microsoft SharePoint en la misma protección usada en nuestros galardonados productos para estaciones. Nuestra exclusiva tecnología Behavioral Genotype detecta malware nuevo visto hasta ese momento reconociendo el comportamiento común a los archivos maliciosos.

Live Protection proporciona una conexión en tiempo real a SophosLabs. Aquí recopilamos, correlacionamos y evaluamos continuamente archivos sospechosos en la nube.

Flexible content control

Certain sensitive data simply shouldn't be shared on your SharePoint sites. That's why Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint includes content controls that allow you to limit what your users post. The controls can match file types, text and even regular expressions, giving you the flexibility to match the rules to your policies.

Violations can be configured to warn users, block the files from being posted and/or replace the files with custom text. True file type technology makes sure that changing a file's extension won't bypass your rules.

Intuitive web-based console

Our intuitive web-based console gives you visibility into your SharePoint security environment. Easily configure new rules and policies and apply them throughout your organization.

View the quarantine, where you can choose to allow, delete or clean suspicious files or items posted in violation of your content policies.

Rich, customizable reports provide insight into threat activity, content filtering performance and quarantine status. You can even use our detailed, searchable logs for forensic analysis.