Sophos Web Appliance Earns Perfect Score in SC Magazine Test

Sophos Press Release

Sophos achieves five out of five stars in all categories in anti-malware gateway review


BOSTON - April 14, 2010 - IT security and data protection firm Sophos announced today that it has earned a perfect score in a recent anti-malware gateway test conducted by SC Magazine. The Sophos Web Appliance - part of the Sophos Web Security and Control product line -received five out of five stars in all categories: features, ease of use, performance, documentation, support, and value for the money.

The SC Magazine Test Lab found the Sophos Web Appliance to be "simple to install and configure" and the documentation, in-depth and easy to comprehend.

The Sophos Web Appliance uses real-time Behavioral Genotype ® Protection, pioneered by SophosLabs, to provide detection that automatically guards against new fast moving threats - detecting over 85 percent of unknown threats before they are even cataloged.

In addition to offering the ability to detect traditional threats, such as viruses, worms, spyware, adware and phishing attempts, the reviewer noted that the Sophos Web Appliance "uses a highly advanced system of technologies to catch and defend against Web threats. This system uses real-time deobfuscation and behavioral analysis of JavaScript to proactively detect new, dynamically obfuscated malicious code on hijacked trusted site, which allows for solid protection against even unknown threats."

Having both traditional and proactive threat detection, the reviewer found the appliance to be a "solid all-around Web scanning machine."

Also favorably noted was the Web Appliance's "strong focus on policies and flexible configuration options on the Web filter and control side."

The reviewer concluded that the Sophos Web Appliance offers "solid value for the money with a strong feature set and easy to administer controls."

The Sophos Web Appliance protects against spyware, viruses, phishing, malware, anonymizing proxies, and unwanted applications, providing a complete infrastructure for secure browsing and eliminating the complexity of administering effective Web security. As a managed appliance, it features automatic updates every five minutes, remote "heartbeat" monitoring and on-demand remote assistance, ensuring the most dependable Web security in the industry.

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