Sophos Email Appliance awarded five stars in IT PRO review

Sophos Press Release

Testers commend Sophos, "it is a winner for its anti-spam capabilities...delivering high accuracy scores straight from the box"

Sophos's ES4000 awarded five stars.

IT security and control firm Sophos announced today that IT PRO magazine has published a product review of Sophos's ES4000 email appliance, which provides gateway protection against spam, viruses, spyware, and other malware, awarding it 5 out of 6 stars.

The December 2007 review in IT PRO of the Sophos Email Appliance, concluded that Sophos sets a high standard, highlighting the ease of deployment, day-to-day management and anti-spam accuracy with no false positives.

While most appliances slot in a security element which often require extensive hands-on management, the reviewer explains that Sophos's ES4000 stands out due to its two-fold approach to management and monitoring, with Sophos remotely monitoring and alerting the customer of any issues, such as hardware faults, alerts, etc.

"For anti-spam performance, we were mightily impressed with the appliance's capabilities," said David Mitchell, reviewer of Sophos ES4000 for IT PRO. Sophos received "a high accuracy score straight from the box of a shade over 97 percent. Usefully, the appliance offers web access to users allowing them to check their own spam messages, and after further investigation in the account's quarantine area, we also found no false positives."

The review also commended ES4000's reporting facilities, including the home page for providing an at-a-glance rundown on mail volumes, alerts and traffic patterns. The administrator also has the ability to display daily, weekly, monthly and yearly mail trend graphs as well as see who is sending and receiving the most spam.

"While blocking spam is job number one for email appliances, today's IT managers demand more, such as content filtering and encryption. Working with increasingly strained resources, they value solutions that save time and effort without compromising on security," explained Peter Lukomskyj, senior product manager at Sophos. "We've redefined the security appliance to exceed expectations by providing the protection they need with the support and service they want."

Sophos Email Appliances protect against spam, viruses, spyware, and other malware, monitor email content and prevent leakage of confidential information. They are designed to easily fit into any network infrastructure, reducing administrative costs.

Más de 100 millones de usuarios en 150 países confían en Sophos para obtener la mejor protección contra amenazas complejas y fugas de datos. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer soluciones de seguridad completa, fáciles de desplegar, administrar y utilizar con el coste total de propiedad más bajo del sector. Sophos ofrece soluciones galardonadas de cifrado y protección para estaciones, Internet, correo electrónico, móviles y redes con el respaldo de SophosLabs, nuestra red de centros de investigación de amenazas.

Sophos cuenta con sedes en Boston (EE. UU.) y Oxford (Reino Unido).